This blog is dedicated to promoting divine health through conscious living. Becoming conscious is about knowing who you are and what your place is in the Divine scheme.

My path is one of walking the tightrope of staying grounded in this reality and at the same time, breaking the illusion of separation from Divinity. I’ve found the more I remove myself from the predominant culture, the more of my own authentic voice I hear and the more I can see what’s coming. That’s why I live at the Edge of the Village.

I work in the realm of the metaphysical to affect change in the physical. I work with patterns, large and small. I notice what I notice and that gives me information to work with in helping people make changes in their lives. Sometimes I know things and can give my clients additional information about what is going on in their life.

If you need labels, my personal spiritual practice is the way of Ho’oponopono and I use tools learned through Matrix Energetics as taught by Dr. Richard Bartlett and Conscious Systems as taught by Mark Dunn.

Bonnie York: energy healing, psychic counselor, spiritual coach, offering tools for conscious living.

You may contact me at bonnie@froghaven.net