Finding the Heart of Humanity

Always together

“The world has never yet seen a truly virtuous nation, because in the degradation of women, the very foundations of life are poisoned at the source.” Elizabeth Cady Stanton

What a sad insight to have carried in her heart. To feel so strongly that she was an equal to men, but to be treated as so much less. How long before we have equal rights for women under the law?

I support men who support women who support men.  By the same token, I support women who support men  who support women. We are not separate, but part of a whole. I believe we are in the process of telling/learning a new story of humanity. It’s in development even as I write. Perhaps I’m writing the story. After all, it is my story. I am always at the center of My Story, so that’s where the work of transformation is happening.

Lipton and Bhaerman, in Spontaneous Evolution, wrote, “The heart of humanity is calling for a safe, generative environment of respectful communication, which is the foundation for a healthy and sane political structure. As with so many other aspects of this new, transformational story,  We the People are being called upon to release our either-or polar positions and embrace both-and opportunities.”

And again from Spontaneous Evolution, “Scientific insights from physics and biology on the nature of polarized traits reveal that, while these traits appear to be separate and opposing entities, they are actually rooted together in unity.

The dominator story makes no sense at all.  When a sperm and egg unite to create new life, does one defeat the other?”

One of the biggest stories that we are acting out is that of the dominator story.  It is purely dysfunctional and as we tell ourselves new stories, we will forgive ourselves this part of our history and move on.

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