Signs and symbols ~

Angel. Un known artist, Cemetary in Linz, Germany

I had a dream this morning involving a symbol and some explanation of what is happening when I see it. I’m working with a client on healing his arthritic hips. His doctor has told him it’s time for the surgery. But he wants to try a couple of things first.

One was a session with me. Now, I have never, ever asked a client if they were looking for a miracle, but this time I did. And before he contacted me, for several days, I kept seeing the word miracle. It caught my attention in print all over the place.

So we had a beautiful joyous session. I mean I was filled with joy and he couldn’t stop giggling. It was perfect. And his prescription from me at the end of the session was to ALLOW the miracle to appear in whatever way it presents itself.

Then on Saturday, out of the blue, I was moved to take a “Healing and Messages From the Angels” class from Renee Madsen. I took my 8 year old granddaughter with me and it was HEAVENLY. Renee is a world class speaker and the angel presence was lively and beautiful. I’ve never before been touched by angels in this way.

This morning I had a dream in which I saw a triangle with a dot in the middle and a line from each corner to the center dot. I was told that in the center was the person I am working with and he is surrounded by three angels dancing.

If you draw it out, you can clearly see their wings.

Miracles surround us. Watch for them. Celebrate them. Be grateful for them.

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1 Response to Signs and symbols ~

  1. aureliestar says:

    Beautiful! I am currently writing a blog on 40 days of Miracles Big and small – so I was happy to hear someone else is seeing miracles too 🙂

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