Words for Today

Experiencing the Lotus Before Bedtime

One of the best things about blogging is that it’s teaching me to be a better writer. In writing my thoughts, I’m learning to hold more focus on an idea or subject. These things just usually sort of float through my brain.

Today’s blog is a bit looser than usual because it was written after a deep meditation.  I would even call some of this channeled.  I left it pretty much uncensored. The thoughts are sometimes fleeting and don’t follow perfectly, but if you read with your heart rather than your left brain, the feeling will come through.

So consider that whomever told you all the things you believe… they may be wrong. Including what I have to say.  Do your own exploration so that you can hold the Truth within yourself. But don’t hold on too hard.  Anyone, no matter what their belief, can be dogmatic. If you have to fight others to hold onto what you believe… or don’t believe, it’s probably not worth believing. That’s not the point of why we’re here.

We are having an experience. We are the transmitters of information to God about the Creation. We are God Exploring. We are instantaneously beaming the information back to Source.

I was learning this morning what it is that John of God does. I was also asking what it was that Jesus did when he walked among us.

They were seeing through to the Divine Matrix, to the original perfect patterns and opening to let that shine through as healing. The perfect patterns of the original design are held in Source.

When the Bible, which is the holy book of my culture, says to “bring them to God” it is talking about the healing that happens when they open to God. It is NOT talking about telling them the stories of God that someone wrote down that may or may not be true. This is not about religion, which is a manmade device. This is about the Living Source through which we are all connected. Every holy book speaks of the same things.

Life here is about choice. Another theme reiterated in the Bible. We are free to make choices and in our exploration of the experiences here, we may make choices that give a poor outcome. The more choices we can see, the easier it is to make the best choice.

To do for the least of them…  When you see someone making the same choice time after time, stuck in a loop of their own making, wouldn’t it be a good thing to offer them another choice? And when you can step back and see where YOU are stuck in a loop of your own making, wouldn’t that be better?  It’s good to help others, but be sure you’re doing your own work.

That brings me to the subject of forgiveness.

We need to ask forgiveness for harm or offense to others, but it is just as much about understanding that when we had a choice to make, we may have chosen poorly and to our detriment. By admitting that,  you can forgive yourself and let it go. Not stay in the poop.

See with the eyes of The Mother.

The mother recognizes the divine in every person.

The computer was modeled after the human brain. Even the best computers are not as good as a human brain.

Open Source Code is located in Matrix. All original patterns are held there for safe-keeping.

Find gateway to Access database for the operating code and change settings to original perfect pattern.

All is perfection. What is perfect for you may look different than you thought it would. But it is perfect for you. Learn what you need to from that pattern. Then you can change the pattern. Continue running operations until complete.

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1 Response to Words for Today

  1. Dena says:

    Thank you, Bonnie. So much wisdom here, as usual.

    I am focused on forgiveness today…thank you bringing my awareness there more clearly.

    I found this statement most thought provoking: “If you have to fight others to hold onto what you believe… or don’t believe, it’s probably not worth believing. That’s not the point of why we’re here.”

    I’ll sit with that….there is something deeper to ponder about this for me.


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