The Body of Humanity Evolves

The Representative of Humanity, detail of a sc...

Listening to the Sunday morning broadcast of “Life(part 2),” I was reminded of the experience of Michael Gates Gill. I had watched him tell his story on “Sunday Morning” a few years ago when his book, “How Starbucks Saved My Life” was first published. This morning, he was on the other Sunday morning show briefly retelling his story.

He was born into privilege. He graduated from Yale and went on to hold a top advertising job for many years. But when he turned 53, the company he had dedicated himself to and earned a fabulous living from, turned him out to pasture.

He eventually lost his wife, his fancy house and pretty much everything else he held dear. THEN, when he was 63, he went to the doctor for a routine checkup where they discovered he had a rare brain tumor. Now he had to face losing his life. And in facing that, he gained his life.

In a state of shock, he went for the one treat left in his life, a good cup of coffee.  Without even thinking about it, when it was offered to him, he accepted a job at Starbucks. There, he found himself working alongside real people. For the first time he was not sheltered in a make believe world. Daily, he scrubbed toilets, swept floors, and served coffee to others. He worked with people of all ages, from all sorts of backgrounds. And he found that he was happy.

He had let go of all the stuff that had weighed him down. He found himself.  And he found joy and delight in every moment of living. He was full of gratitude.

As I’m finishing reading, “Spontaneous Evolution” I think more and more about the economic disparity of the system we’re working under. Some of us are “heavy feeders” and that means that others go hungry both in this country and across the world. Remember, we’re now too close not to feel the strain. When others cry out, we hear them across the whole of humanity. But will we listen?

And while so many of us in this country are just getting along, there is a group who are stealing resources from all of us.

They have risen to the top… or is that sunk to the bottom. This is not a large percentage. It is about 1/2 of 1 percent of the population. I do not speak from jealousy at what they have. My life is far richer in every way that counts. This is about the survival of the whole of humanity.

The resources controlled by that small number of people is being used to rig the game. I believe it’s been rigged for along time. It’s just now coming to critical mass.

It’s not  _LIKE_  some individual cells in the body of humanity are stealing all the resources.  They  _ARE_ stealing all the resources. And if the cells that perform some functions for humanity die off, then who will perform those specialized functions?

In the book I’m so enamored of, Bruce Lipton explains how the cells of our individual bodies are doing a better job of getting along with one another than we are. Using fractal geometry to explore systems, he posits that we are working toward the next big evolutionary step. The body of humanity is coming together.  We are literally building the body of humanity.

What I see when I look at those systems is that when the cancerous cells that are hogging all the resources…  the blood supply…   the food for the body,  become too much of a liability for the body of humanity, they will either kill the body or they will be terminated. They will die off from their own greed. Unfortunately, in the meantime, the body human suffers from illness, pain and grief.

The questions that then appear are, do we want a healthy body of humanity and how do we get there?

Dag nab  it,  now I’m feeling impatient. I want to see this next chapter unfold. I’m seeing the pattern, now for it to be filled in.

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3 Responses to The Body of Humanity Evolves

  1. Kris Cahill says:

    A truly excellent post, now I can’t wait to read this book! This is exactly how I feel about what is happening, especially in the U.S., and you put it so very well today. Thank you so much for bringing this story to my attention. I plan to read this book soon!

    I’m wondering, have you read Seth Godin’s ‘Linchpin’ yet? I highly recommend it.

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