Peace Now

Mohandas Gandhi gave rise to a whole new gener...

Once upon a time, I had a website in which I shared a vision with my friends. What I saw was the need for a publication that would inspire and bring hope to people on a daily basis. I would still love to see a newspaper or media outlet take the idea and run with it.





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Excite and


Think about what it is that you want. If what you want is your toast and tea in the morning with a newspaper that contains only good news, then think about that. The news that’s dedicated to the future of the planet.

I built the website with a very deliberate focus. I wanted to see peace break out everywhere.  At the time, I focused on sharing a different way of praying. Not asking, imploring, begging for something you want. This form was to be entirely thankful for everything you have.

What I learned is that we need more prayer, but there’s something else.  We must give ourselves to being entirely thankful for what we have. What is perfect for us in the moment may not look like what we think it should.  It also means that in order to reach perfect balance, each person must take responsibility for their choices. We can begin by choosing hope over fear.  Love over anything else, because the Ultimate Truth is…   there is nothing but LOVE.

“Peace between countries must rest on the solid foundation of love between

individuals.”  ~ Mahatma Gandhi

I had it all planned out. My good news publication would look like this:

Picture this: Description of Peace in the West Bank. Homes with families who had enough to eat.

Picture this: Description of Iraq,  with a governing body chosen by the people. Sunni, Shia, Kurds, all living in harmony.

Picture this: No drought in Southern Africa. Farm lands growing, flourishing. People fed, children smiling.

Without vision we won’t know where we’re going.  We need a plan, a map, some direction.  What is your vision for our future? What do you see?

“More valuable than standing armies is a vision that has found its time.” ~ Victor Hugo

Peace is already here. I knew it then and I know it now. I can see it.

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