Cool, weird

Magic Environment

Sometimes, really weird things happen.

A few minutes ago, I walked past my desk and my shirt caught and dropped a dog tag that was sitting there, onto the floor. I heard a ting when it happened and looked back to see what the noise was.

The dog tag was lying on the floor, but I didn’t feel like picking it up. I just gave a thought that, I SHOULD pick it up. I continued over to the windows to draw the blinds without actually picking it up. Then, I walked directly out of the room to get something from the kitchen. I did not pass near the desk.

When I came back into the room, I sat back down at the desk and…  there is the tag on the corner of the desk, exactly where it was before it fell.


I had my hands full when I went to sit back down. I had a glass of water and my vitamins in my hands!

The more I allow my world to be fluid, the more I see past the illusions, the more phenomena appears.  Perhaps I went to a place where the tag was never on the floor. Or it’s possible I picked it up in a parallel reality and it showed up on the desk here.  I don’t know the what, why or how, I only know that I, myself, did not pick it up directly.

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3 Responses to Cool, weird

  1. Lindsay says:

    Really? Really, really?! Very cool.

    • I know when I’m experiencing visions, but when I’m right here, in my body and weird stuff happens… THAT”S cool. And weird.

      I think that it’s really like when you take the red pill in the Matrix movie. Once you begin to shift your perception, you notice how fluid this reality is. It’s not set in stone. In fact, even stone is not set in stone

  2. And this was NOT what I was writing about this morning for the blog. This just happened! I checked and double, and then triple checked to make sure I did not pick that dog tag up.

    IF I had not had my hands full on the way back to the desk, I might have just dismissed this and thought I picked it up without realizing it.

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