Words of Encouragement


Last year, I received a wonderful phone call.  It was from a woman I’d thought about several times in the weeks before she called.  Most people call me when they’re in trouble, not to tell me that things are going well. It was the sort of phone call one always hopes for.

“Julie” showed up at a church service a couple of years ago where my friend Ruby was doing psychic readings.  She asked for help and was referred to me. I had been practicing Matrix Energetics for a while and this seemed to be right up my alley.

Julie and I worked together for many months. At first she called me weekly and as we got into more intense territory we were setting up sessions for several times a week. Her depression was formidable and at the time, it felt to both of us like this contact was her lifeline.

At times, I was exhausted after our work together.  After one particularly grueling session I wondered whether anything I was doing was going to help Julie.  It felt like we were working to save her life (spiritually). The gravity caused me to question whether I had enough tools to help this young woman.

But gradually, things got better.  By spring,  Julie was only calling every couple of months. Then I didn’t hear from her for nearly three months over the summer.  She called once, just to check in, but I’d not heard anything from her since fall 2008.

She called that evening last summer to let me know that she’s working with people in somewhat the same way I had worked with her. She was putting together a resume of sorts, listing teachers she has studied with and people who have greatly influenced her practice. She asked if she could list me as one of her teachers. I was pleased.

Julie is doing well now. She told me she had never seen herself in the way that I saw her.  And that even though she had been to many types of counselors in her life, no one else worked with her in the way I had. To her, that was a turning point in her life. She is loving how she’s feeling and what she’s doing and says it’s thanks to me.

I reminded her that it was she who did the work to get where she is. I helped by telling her what I saw when I “looked” at her and by holding the space for her to change her life. The work we did together, changed the direction of her life.

She learned from me. I learned from her. In that work, I made a commitment to keep doing what I do.  Perhaps we were saving both our lives.

I called her a few months ago because I was making a brochure for my business. I was asking a few people I’ve worked with if they’d give a comment on the results of the work.

Julie sent back the most amazing and unexpectedly beautiful words. “Bonnie’s love, tenderness and joyful kindness lifts me,  but it is her gift of myself, illuminated, that heals me.”

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2 Responses to Words of Encouragement

  1. Lindsay says:

    Beautiful! I love that you were both teaching one another (perhaps unbeknowngst to you at the time). I love what she wrote about you. 🙂

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