Go Eat… Power Up

Waves of Blue Glass

Image by Darrren Hester via Flickr

So, how do you feed YOUR self?

Today is Sunday. It’s the day most people who practice some form of Christianity,  go to church to get close to god.  It’s the time they take to nourish themselves on the teachings and traditions of their particular faith.

Now personally, I get hungry and like to eat every day.

Most of us in Western culture, have learned from our spiritual tradition to go up and up and up.  We love to hang out in higher frequency consciousness because it FEELS good. That’s where we meet god. When we’re in higher or lighter frequency we feel blissful. We are immersed in Unity consciousness.

In high frequency, we feel the perfection of Unity. It cannot be distorted, it is truth.

The deepest law I know is perfection. In Unity you are perfect. Unity cannot see you in any other way than perfect. And because of this, Unity demands that we take personal responsibility for our actions in duality.

As a reference, in eastern philosophies, it’s called Karma.  I know that’s now a common term in the west, but I’m not sure we really grok it in the same way as the culture from which the word was born.

So, the duality we live in demands balance in action and it also demands balance in the energy we take in. We must have the right food going to the right place. That means high frequency on the upper part of the body: the head, heart and chest. And low frequency on the pelvis: anything below your belly button.

You are the gatekeeper for what you ingest as self.  Your body will suck in low frequency if you let it.  Your body will drink in those bandwidths of consciousness if you let it.

The higher frequencies don’t hold the human imprint and you can take that in without being concerned it will trigger human drama in your life.

The consciousness frequency that’s closer to the physical is imprinted with human history, so you need to find a way to get that frequency in your body without having it trigger you to act out the drama.

Remember, the power of the Universe is found in something that’s boring like clay, not in the bright, shiny entertaining drama of the birdbath.

Once you understand and recognize the difference between lower and higher frequency consciousness,  all you need is to get the frequency close enough to your body and it will take it in.

That’s why generally, if you hang around people who are acting out a lot of drama, you’ll pull that frequency right into your body.  You’ll act out the drama right alongside them. You crave the energy and your body will automatically feed itself rather than starve.

If you choose not to have the drama, there are other ways of feeding yourself.

Think about when you go out and enjoy nature. There’s where you’ll find low frequency.  It’s in the forest, mountains, desert, ocean in a state that has not been corrupted by human drama.

Feel how peaceful and quiet that is. There is massive power in nature.  Feel how refreshing it is and how relaxed you feel after a day out of doors.  When you get home, you feel satisfied. If it feels like you just had a good meal, it’s because you DID.

I would suggest that even those who don’t care for the outdoors, spend some time nourishing yourself on that once in awhile.

The other way to feed yourself is on the actual patterns you find around you. By doing that, you are recognizing that everything is a part of you. You are actually bringing it into Unity.

You can take a tiny, tiny…  no, even smaller, piece of a pattern and hold it near your pelvis and your body will suck that in as food. If you take too much, as I did the first time I tried this, it will sit there like a brick. So I took it out and broke off the smallest piece imaginable and put it in my mouth and swallowed. You can do it either way. You can hold it near or swallow it.

We digest food in the belly. From the navel down, everything is built to digest food and make it into YOU. This means, that the part of you that is just shy of the physical, the part that surrounds the physical, the meta-physical,  is where the organs are that can take in the energy and digest it to give you the power you need.

Always remember, as above, so below.

And as long as it’s the tiniest piece possible, your body will recognize it as substance rather than structure.  You don’t need to swallow the whole birdbath.

So… go feed yourself.

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3 Responses to Go Eat… Power Up

  1. Dena says:

    Can you elaborate on, or give specific examples of, the “pieces of a pattern” of which you speak?

    Thanks! 🙂

    • Anger, sexism, racism. Jealousy. If you can recognize a personal pattern in yourself, for example, for me it might me procrastination. It is something I have built. It is a construction of my own design. I put my power in that pattern and now I want the power back without having to act it out.

      By recognizing it, I’m holding it out in front of me, I can take the teeniest pinch of it and eat it. Or again, just hold it up to my body and because my body seeks that Source energy as food, it will naturally take it in.

      It works the same way for family and societal and trans-societal patterns.

      Dearest Dena, thank you for your steadfast interest.

      • Dena says:

        Thank you, that helps!

        Referring back to the birdbath — structure versus substance — blog post helped me absorb this much better, too.

        Your blog posts are wonderful building blocks toward understanding.

        Thanks again so very much. 🙂

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