This Is B…I…G, BIG

Taj Majal

Humans are creative and brilliant. Look at our accomplishments.

We build jet planes that regularly move us around the globe at about 600 mph. We’ve created buildings, bridges, and dams that defy gravity and shape our world. We have telescopes that allow us to see far into the universe and microscopes that peer into the most hidden places at hand.

At this time,  our societies,  politics and even the food we eat are complex structures.

Some of what we’ve built is wondrous and amazing.  But,  we’ve also built a measure of complexity into our world that threatens to outrun nature and humankind itself.

It seems that the more complexity we build into the structure,  the further we get away from something that is healthy for the human family and even the earth at large.

We have shifted our attention away from the substance to the structure. From the spiritual to the material. We have relegated all our resources to sustaining the structures,  rather than appreciating the substance that is our true sustenance.

Not long ago,  Chris Hedges ended a political screed with, “Our moral obligation is not to structures of power, but life.”

But, what is this life?  What is all this built on? What is the substance that comes before the form? And how do you tell the difference?

When you get into low frequency,  you have to be able to make the distinction between the imprint of the action and the intention of the human creator, and the substance that they were creating with.

As an example, let’s make a birdbath. This is how Mark Dunn explained the concept of understanding the difference between substance and structure.

We’ve built a birdbath out of clay. The  birdbath is a form, the clay is the substance upon which the form is created.

It’s a fabulous birdbath. The birdbath is complex because we want to attract the prettiest birds ever. It has edges and planes. It has texture and I put shiny bits of mirror on mine.  Mark said he even put tassels on his birdbath. Well, clay tassels because that’s what the birdbath is built from.  Then we painted them in psychedelic colors.  And all the cool birds flock to these fabulous birdbaths.

Now…   that’s complex.  The birdbath has shape, color, texture.  It holds water and it has a function.  Now look at the difference between the substance…   and the structure.

The birdbath is bright, shiny and entertaining.  The clay, well…  it’s clay. It’s not likely to be on the evening news.

The same is true for consciousness.  It’s quiet and calm.  It’s sort of squishy, it doesn’t have a lot of characteristics.   It is in fact…  formless.

Consciousness,  is what is NOT the form.  But, it nourishes us, and if you can take it in without the drama of human imprint, you will have enough energy to do anything you need to do.  Your body can get the nourishment it needs to continue whatever project you are on.  You will have enough power to support the whole of your life.

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