Feeding All the Parts

Tibetan endless knot

Around and around we go, when we stop, nobody knows.

I told you yesterday,  that today I’d address the care and feeding of the pelvic space.  So let’s start with the physical structure.

How do you nourish yourself?   Is your food still alive and vital? Do you eat an appropriate amount of a variety of foods, that are as free as possible from toxic substances? You might consider changing how you feed your physical self.   I know I feel better when I’m eating less, and from a variety of foods that are grown in ways that are beneficial to the vitality of the life of the food source.

So, we know we need to feed our bodies the foods that support good health, but what about supporting the emotional and the energetic bodies? Do you know what those need? Body, mind and spirit work as one and we need to feed all the parts of us.

I’ve written about being in heart space, meditation, connecting with source. That’s where we plug into Unity energy.  That’s high frequency consciousness energy, very refined and moving at a very fast rate. It’s blissful and satisfying and sometimes we just want to stay there for awhile. Connecting to Source energy makes a good daily practice to feed oneself spiritually.

But wait, there’s more. I told you I’d talk about low frequency and the care and feeding of the pelvic space. This is a huge subject that not many others are writing about as far as I know. So this subject will be in two parts; one today and the other tomorrow. And more as I get further information and understanding.

So, you have these energy centers in your body that need Source energy too.  It’s just a lower frequency and it’s the low frequency templates that organize the physical structure.

If you have pain in your hips, if you feel like you’re falling apart, or trouble in your ovaries or sexual organs,  it’s likely because you have a need for low frequency.

If you deny yourself low frequency, you’ll starve your body. And then to get it, you’ll take it by an action or intention that creates more karmic debt. You steal power from someone else by making them feel power-less.

That’s playing into the structures we’ve built here. That’s those patterns that we keep riding around in, over and over and over.  We do know the human game.  The human game right now is where’s the power, who has it, and who wants it.

Consciousness frequency is what we need to keep going. But we want to tap that frequency in a healthy way.

Now most of us are still living almost exclusively in our heads.  Many spiritual teachings show us how to be in our hearts, but have us still in our heads far too much of the time.

We must work for balance and that means being in our bodies too. The body is important to this work. The whole body is a sensory organ. It’s a focal point to feel truth.

There many philosophers who have ideas of truth and the way things are, but they’re living in their heads. Very few are actually doing work in their body.

Organized religion in general has denied the pelvic processes as base and have long denied healthy sexuality… which is one of the ways of nourishing the chakras that reside below the navel.

By supporting all the energy centers in our bodies, by feeding on the frequency of consciousness that nourishes us and in a way that’s not destructive to someone else, we are building a foundation for the evolution of humanity.

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