The Inescapable Oneness

Galaxy M33: Wild and Mild (Chandra, 1/27/09)

“We are all one with the same One, the inescapable Oneness. The Universe has us surrounded. Might as well surrender!” ~ Swami Beyondananda

When I was a child I believed in the religion I was taught.

Then came the day that one of my Sunday school teachers told us that if people in other countries don’t know and believe our Bible, they would die and go to hell forever.  That didn’t seem right.  A loving God would not do that.  And so I decided that the teacher must be wrong.

In grade school we studied science. I believed in the science I was taught. But as I got older, I saw that the dogma of science told us that everything can be dissected into parts and understood in that way.  And I had to ask, so what’s beyond that. I had always seen everything as connected to everything else. Once again, I knew the teacher was wrong.

One of the ways I  explored the world, from the time I was about six, was to enter into conversation with it.  I remember studying small bugs and flowers. When I found myself  pulled into the world of the miniature, into the microscopic and then beyond, I found the place where everything went smaller into infinity. I knew this to be true.

I remember that first time as I was wondered how small things could get, I also wondered how large they could be. So then I went the other way. Out from myself, into the planets and stars, I could feel that everything went out into infinity.

Everything was both smaller and bigger than I could imagine. The experience confirmed that I was correct, that everything was part of the same thing.

Now when I was six, there was no one around to talk with about my experience of infinity. I didn’t even have the word yet. So imagine my astonishment when I learned about Albert Einstein. I was ten years old and had gone to the county fair.  There in a sideshow trailer, was a movie about Albert Einstein. Finally. Someone else who looked at the world in the same way I did.

Now I’m half way through my life on the planet. And I know that while religious dogma and scientific dogma may both be wrong,  we need both religion and science to get us out of the mess we’re in. Both religion and science are one with the Oneness. They just don’t quite know it yet. But we’re getting there.

So go about your day being one with the Oneness, you just can’t help it.

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One Response to The Inescapable Oneness

  1. Lindsay says:

    We are getting there. And isn’t it something that – as a child – you had that wisdom! I believe we’re born knowing of our one-ness but it moves away from us as we age, unless we become aware again!

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