It’s Your Choice

Two Roads

Which road will you take today?  What sort of choices are in front of you?  How will they open into your future?  What are the possibilities?

Will you make conscious choices from an authentic heart? Or will your choice be determined by your past? Or perhaps, your parents history?

Maybe your your choice will be based on what society has built and determined?

In the fictional piece I wrote and published in my blog yesterday, Jason had a choice. It was a life or death choice.  Was he going to make the choice based on the past behavior of his antagonist? Or was he going to make his choice in the moment?

One choice meant judging the other. The other choice was to cry a warning that saved a life.

So how many points in time today will you have a choice to make? I doubt if you can even count them all.

How many of those times are you even aware that you have a choice? Some choices are large and some are small.  Do they all matter? I believe they do. If  you go out far enough, away from the event, they matter.

Do I choose to eat this candy bar? Or do I choose to eat the broccoli? Okay, that’s not fair because to me, broccoli is every bit as delicious as chocolate. In fact, I call it the candy of the vegetable world.

So, where will that path lead if I choose the chocolate every time? I have narrowed my nutrition to the point that my health could suffer.

Okay, what does a large choice look like?  Do I choose to marry this person? What is my reason for marrying this person?

Well, if you believe the other will take care of you, provide for you, protect you, you may be operating out of a societal pattern.  If you believe the other complements you, needs you, you need them, or there are legal and financial reasons to marry, then you are likely marrying out of societal dictates.  AND that choice is fine. But be aware of what is directing your choice.

If I marry because I’m following a program or pattern,  then it’s likely I’ll follow the pattern of all the rest of human relationships. Until I know the difference, I’ll follow the same path.  The same behaviors and interactions will get the same results. Some, not too bad, but some are dangerous and deadly.

Is the candy bar an easier choice because it will give you a quick fix of energy or satisfaction of becoming numb.  Are you using it as a drug to push aside your feelings?

Let’s get on to even bigger patterns. I like to call them programs. They’re like computer programs that run on automatic, until they are no longer useful and you decide to change them out for new programs.

Almost all the isms, racism, sexism, ageism  are patterns of behavior instilled in us by  large,  overarching societal beliefs. Hate, war, rape, relationships between men and women are all huge patterns that we keep playing again and again.  These are very large morphic fields with far-reaching affects.

There are also more specific cultural and family patterns that hold us in thrall. We continue to be tied to them until we recognize that the pattern is a construction. It was built by humans and the energy of every human ever born has added to the construct.

These patterns are not who we are.  We made them up.

Until we become conscious of following or not following those patterns, the behaviors and beliefs that are programmed into us, we will not have a choice. We will not be exercising free will.  Many people don’t even know they have a WILL, let alone a choice.

I’m not saying all the patterns and programs are bad.What I’m saying is  that it’s important to recognize when you are operating in a pattern.  Run the program or step out of it, but make an authentic choice. A choice that is the right one, for that moment in time.

What I’ve learned is that the more authentic I can be in my choices, the more I can work from my heart, the more I feel I’m lining up with Source.  And that means more magic in my life.

The choice is yours.

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One Response to It’s Your Choice

  1. Dena says:

    Awesomeness, yet again.

    For the larger decisions (though I suppose it could apply to smaller ones, too, like chocolate versus broccoli — pssst, I’m with you on the yumminess of broccoli!), I consciously ask myself if I’m choosing based on love or fear. It makes me go into my heart space and clarify my intentions, and move forward accordingly.

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