Now You’re IN

Source 4 Sunburst

If you’re going to do the Shaman’s work of exploring your inner terrain, there are some things you need to know.

You will probably get kicked out of your heart-space and  back into your head on a regular basis.  Unless you already have a lot of practice staying consciously in your heart-space, you’re not used to it and you’ll find yourself automatically back in your head-space.

You’ll knock up against something in your heart that will trigger a pattern that will bump you out of your heart and back into your head. When you recognize patterns as something you’ve acquired and not who you are, then you’ll be on the way to learning how to clean them up. Sometimes all it takes is a really big mop.

This is a process of learning what you ARE,  so you know what you are not. That’s key in recognizing the power of choice within.

The other thing that will happen is that at times you will get so deeply IN that you’ll get lost. No, not in a bad way. In the manner of feeling so loved that nothing else matters. You will be touching Bliss. You will also discover that you are never alone. You have never been alone and you have never been forgotten. You are a precious part of the Creator.  A part of All That Is. It is a feeling of such expansiveness… such an enormous feeling of Big Love that you will want to visit again and again.

But today, we’re here to learn how to clean ourselves up. To begin to discern the territory of our heart and reclaim our power of choice. We want to quit running on automatic; to quit running the patterns.

Those patterns are the unholy machinery that we’ve built for ourselves.  What we want to do is reclaim the terrain of our own heart. To pull in our Will, recognize that there are choice points and to be conscious enough of those points to make a decision.  Only stepping outside of what we’ve constructed can we truly exercise free will.

When people are without consciousness; when they are running personal, family, or societal patterns of behavior, they have no choice. They’re not awake or aware of patterns. I’ll address patterns soon, but not today. Today we learn what LIGHT and DENSE feel like.

It’s my understanding that there is a human frequency; it’s not an optical frequency, a radio frequency or an acoustic frequency. It’s something else. We’re calling it the human frequency.  And not only can you learn to feel it, you probably already know about it.  We’re going to use the descriptions of light and dense as a measurement of the frequency. We need an understanding because we need to use all the frequencies.  They are what we feed on, both light and dense frequency.

Ever been in a strip club or really dive bar?  Do you know what dense frequency feels like? Yeah. So, drop your judgement of those places. Without being involved in the activity, feel what dense frequency FEELS like. Feel for the frequency behind the activity. The frequency is neither good nor bad. Is just is.

The denser the frequency, the lower in your body you will feel it. Feel it down low in your pelvis. It’s related to survival, sexuality, power.  In Eastern terms, the chakra system is good at describing this.

There’s a part of the equation related to the material and spiritual.  The further into the material world , the more dense the frequency. If you are moving up into the spiritual, the lighter the frequency. This is primarily above the navel or below the navel. The frequency below the navel is more dense. The frequency above the navel is light.

So where have you been, in what setting that you’ve felt a lighter frequency?  Practice as you go through your day. Feel light and dense. Learn them well. You are exercising sensory organs that you may not be used to. Actually, you use them all the time, but most don’t recognize what they’re doing. You are becoming CONSCIOUS of them.

You have inner  sight, read that as insight. So open your eyes when you’re in your heart and have a look around. And if you don’t see anything at first, don’t worry. Just be happy you’re IN.

More tomorrow.

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