It Starts in your Heart

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Okay, no light and fluffy today. Today we get down to business. Today we begin to reclaim our heart-space.  I’m going to break this subject into two parts. Today will be about getting IN your heart-space. Tomorrow will be about EXPLORING that space and learning to recognize light and dense patterns.

In the Western world most of us are living in our head. We are not even IN our bodies. Living in our bodies is too painful. Look at all the ways we’ve learned to escape our bodies; drugs, alcohol, food, and a million other distractions we entertain to escape our pain, loneliness and the emptiness we’re feeling.

In this stressful world, we have learned to operate from a place where we know we can be successful. We are good at living in our brains. But our brain is not who we are and it’s time to bring yourself back into your body. Just hold that awareness for a moment and notice what you notice. Let yourself become aware of your body. Feel how being engaged with your body is different.

Most people are not willing to do the work, to BE HERE NOW. But if you’re reading this blog, you’re not most people. The wings of a butterfly have brought you here.

So…   what sort of exploration of your heart-space have you done lately? You’ve probably been in your heart-space on occasion. Most of us go in and if we go deep enough to begin to touch the face of God we quickly get lost in the feeling of warmth, compassion, absolute love that we are immersed in when we are engaged in our heart. It truly is the seat of love.

Our heart is the organ where we step into rapport with others. Energetically, it’s the place where we connect with others in this shared experience called life.

But…  have you ever gone into your heart and really looked around? There is terrain there that you’ve never explored.  And much of it, you don’t even own, but only because you’ve not explored it. Your heart is the place you keep all your personal life patterns. It’s also where all your family patterns and societal patterns are kept. They are alive and running your life and until you gain consciousness of them and their effects on you, you will not have free will and choice. And that’s the REALLY big thing here. Free will. Choice.

When you begin to recognize those patterns that humans have built are running you, like computer programs that move your story through your life, then you will begin to live in an authentic fashion. When you are conscious of the patterns, at least when they are triggered, you have will have choice.  Let them run on automatic or make a choice in how your life unfolds. You will be able to say, I CHOOSE that or I do not CHOOSE that.

And I’m going to say it again because it’s so important. This life is about free will. That’s huge. You will be on the front edge of human evolution when you take back your power to make a choice.

The only question now is are you ready for adventure? This is not easy. Nether is it hard. It will take some time and effort. But staying with this…  is sooooo worth it.  I’ve been at some of this for more than twenty years. And some of these tools have only been available to me in the last five years.  And it’s the new tools that have me so excited about this work.

So, do you know how to get into your heart? It’s like exercise. Repeated exposure will eventually get you what you want. Just like exercising a muscle. Funny, the heart is a physical muscle.

Going IN

If you have a daily meditation practice you already know how.  You have tools. But if you don’t, I’ll share this with you again.

The way we interface with our world is mainly through our eyes and face. It where we engage the world at large.

So make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and feel yourself move back from the everyday world. When it feels like you’ve moved back from your eyes enough, let yourself – your consciousness – gently drop down through the center of yourself and keep dropping…  right… into your heart.

Now you’re in your heart. You can feel space, expansiveness, warmth…  the BIG LOVE.  Notice what you notice…  and then let yourself drop even deeper into the space.  This is the place where you connect with Source.

Practice this. You will get better.   With practice, it will come naturally.

Tomorrow we’ll consider how to recognize light and dense, when we’re in heart-space.

If you want more help with meditation, check out other blog entries under the category meditation exercises.

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