Health Is Ours, We Own It

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Health is our natural state of being. But sometimes our experiences here on the planet distort our view and then we hold onto that image. First there is discomfort, then if we don’t pay attention to that and make a correction, there is disease. The state of illness is just a pattern that we have grabbed onto, thinking that IT is who we are, rather than allowing it to be a temporary experience.

Months ago, I had written out my understanding of what most of our health issues are about.

And then,  there it was…   written out in real words.   Most  dis~ease is of our own making, controlled by our own thoughts and beliefs.  This by a scientist and not just the product of my own woo beliefs.

I’m reading “Spontaneous Evolution” by Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman and the words were right there… in the book.

The science of epigenetics recognizes that the environment, not the DNA in the nucleus, determines the actions of the cell. Information from the environment is translated into biological responses via the action of the cell membrane, which acts as the cell’s skin as well as its brain.  Interestingly, the cell membrane is more accurately a “crystal semiconductor with gates and channels.” Those words also define a computer chip, which reminds us that both computers and cells are programmable.  And—drumroll please—for each, the programmer is always outside the mechanism!

So, who or what is the biological programmer? Who or what is the genius behind the genes? Maybe the problem isn’t with the karma but with the driver.

Lipton continues…

Let’s say you have a standard shift car for sale. Someone unaccustomed to driving a stick shift buys it, and you watch the car jerk up and down the street as he dives away. A week later, the fellow calls you back and says, “Hey, that car you sold me has a bad clutch!”  You tell him to take it to a “doctor,” at an auto repair shop. “Yep,” the mechanic tells him, “you have a bad clutch. We have to do surgery, a clutch replacement.”  The clutch transplant operation is successful. The vehicle’s new owner drives off with the car bucking and lurching as before. Lo and behold, it isn’t weeks before he’s back in the repair shop claiming that new clutch didn’t work!

“Hmm,” says the mechanic, “your car appears to have CCD; that’s short for Chronic Clutch Dysfunction.” He offers the owner a prescription for a new clutch to be refilled every two months. Thus the mechanic ignores the role of the driver and attributes the dysfunction to the vehicle’s defective nature!

Now, consider that this is exactly how allopathic medicine perceives human disease—as an expression of an inherent physical defect in the body, most likely due to a genetic mutation. This diagnosis ignores the role of the body’s driver, the mind.

The book continues the metaphor with even more brilliance…

Every motor vehicle bureau in every state has files and files of accident reports. In the space where the officer has to indicate either mechanical failure or driver error as the responsible agent, which one do you think is checked 95 percent of the time? Yep, you’re right. It’s driver error.

To extend the metaphor, do you think it might be worthwhile to offer driver training to each human “driving their karma?” Perhaps a true “healthy caring system” would focus more on driver education than on having to clear away the debris from tragic, yet avoidable, accidents.

So considering that only about 5 percent of the world’s population is born with birth defects and 95 percent of us come in with perfectly functional genetic blueprints, just who do YOU think is responsible for your health?

For more good stuff by Bruce Lipton:

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