Visiting the Tree Of Life

Tree life

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I was freshly back from Whizard training with Dr. Bartlett and brought home some new tools and meditation techniques. One of the new tools was the IAO meditation. I have never done something so simple that had such an effect. It had already become a part of my daily routine, along with counting down the Matrix Energetics frequencies from 21 -1.

That morning, I did the IAO  and counting down the frequencies, then went to get in the hot tub.  Now, there’s a helpful tool!    Mmmmm, warm water,  cool fresh air…   So, I’m sitting there slipping into a deep meditative state and I heard a noise behind me. I thought it was my dog stepping up onto the deck. But it wasn’t. The noise was inside of me. It was a thunk sound with a vibration to it that occurred at the base of my skull. I quickly got really “sleepy” and my head dropped forward to my chest. I was instantly free of my body and flying up into the low morning clouds. I was fully aware and pretty amazed at this happening. This was new to me.

I flew up through the low clouds and then climbed higher into the atmosphere of the planet. I could see the horizon of the atmosphere.

Suddenly  I was free of the planet and was in thicker clouds. I was facing a cloud bank with a distinct line where  clouds met. It looked like when tectonic plates of the earth meet and shift against one another  —  except these were clouds. They were rubbing against one another. I was pretty sure there was a gateway there and waited a moment until it opened  —  more clouds, except this was like a tunnel and there was light at the end of the tunnel.  Effortlessly, I moved into the tunnel.

It seemed to take a very long time in the tunnel and I did ask if I could go any faster. THE VOICE said “No, it takes the time it takes”.

The cloud tunnel finally opened into an expansive space. Directly in front of me,  but still some distance away was a tree. It was a beautiful, perfect tree whose roots went down forever and with branches that went up and out forever. I flew in closer.  I moved in right next to the tree. I looked at the texture of the bark. The bark was thick and heavy looking and contained all shades of brown. I examined the branches of the tree. It was with this close inspection that I realized every part of the tree was in constant motion. It was not static. Every part of the tree was fractalized and just kept unfolding into forever. It was infinitely complex and yet simple in its beauty and imaginal power.

I reached out and gingerly touched the tree and felt a deep, resonant hum. It sounded like a generator that echoed both forward and back into time in the same moment. In fact I felt the hum moving softly through ALL TIME.

I asked if there was anything else I should notice or see while I was there, as I had traveled a long way. This had already been a long journey.

Once again there was THE VOICE saying, ” You now have full access to the Tree Of Life”.  It had not occurred to me until that moment that was what I was looking at, although now I think I must have had an inkling.

I’m still exploring what that all meant, but my immediate journey was at an end and I quickly slid back into my body.

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