Becoming conscious

This blog, from the Edge Of The Village, is my journey, which is your journey too.

Sometimes the themes of the entries here are universal. At other times they are very personal experiences. VERY personal.

Each of us has our own story to tell.  And from the many, comes the whole tale of humanity. That’s why I believe it’s time to tell our stories.

But to do this in the correct way, I must tell the truth. The way to the truth, for me, is through myself. How thoroughly will I explore myself? How deep am I willing to dig to find that which isn’t aligned with Divinity? Am I willing to shed all the layers and uncover myself so that I can see what I need to let go of?  Can I bring those thoughts and deeds of mine forward and into the light of day so I can see where I’ve made poor choices. Where I’ve injured others and by the same hand, myself? Can I do this without judgement of the action as good or bad, but only as what it is? An experience.

What I’m considering today is, as we let our light shine out into the world, will we recognize our darkness as well.

What is the downside to the Law Of Attraction? While what you think about, you bring about is true, it’s also true that what you hide inside will call out to be heard, seen, and acted upon.  The deeper it goes, the more power it gains to pop out when you are least expecting it.

Why do you think that so many of those we hold high on a pedestal can fall in an instant? Bill Clinton and John Edwards come to mind. And what of all those Christian leaders who deny what they feel, pushing their human impulses down. They deny to themselves,  lie to themselves about their true thoughts and feelings. If only they allowed themselves to see the truth, they would not find themselves compelled to act it out. They could bring it out where they could see what it is and then make a choice as to whether they wanted to act on that feeling or not.

I believe these are good people with good intentions. They are just running the human patterns of behavior without consciousness of their ability to make a choice. These patterns, or energy fields, are bigger than any one of us because we have ALL had a hand in their creation.

Only when we are conscious of the pattern and are able to step outside of it, can we experience the Divine gift of free will.

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