Earth Speaks

Global Warming & Climate Change

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A week or two ago, I was awakened at  4:15 am with words that needed to be written. These are not my words. They are not mine and they do not come from me alone, but there are others receiving the same or similar messages. They are the words of the planet. Do not scramble  about in fear, but take positive action.

The energy systems that were put in place to run this planetary body have been disrupted to a degree that drastic measures are now being moved into play. This is going to be a bumpy ride. This is a correction that is necessary to stabilize the system.

Disruptions have gone too far. A system dump may be necessary. This planet is a living breathing organism that has been abused. It is she who has kept you alive. It is she who was built for your comfort. The system dump is necessary to save what is left.

The system was similar to the autonomic nervous system that is echoed in the human life form. It runs on its own without much conscious thought, but you have awakened the mother and she must now attempt to save herself. Great changes are in store to reposition order. Restraint will be authorized but cannot be guaranteed.

Anything that disrupts the life force of the planet to the degree that humans have, must be challenged. There must be a correction. This was not the plan but there has been too much interference in the self-regulating system.

Stop the loss of the pressure fluids from bleeding off into the ocean. Stop it NOW before the planet must shift and shake to return to equilibrium.  You have no idea what you’ve done. It is through your own hubris of ownership of the planet that has brought you to this place. This is a living breathing organism. Not an animal, but something else. Her cycles are in-breathing and out-breathing.  And when corrections must be made the skies and the oceans will empty.

There will always be life, but it will be different. Can you not hear the mourning song. She weeps for what must be done. But be done, it must. It may already be too late. It is not fully known. You have been warned before but did not listen. Please elevate  your better natures now. Work together to solve these painful wounds on the earth mother.

We do not live in a state where one thing does not affect the other. The whole is one thing. My pain is yours. I am sorry. This planet is dense. It has great gravity. It pulls relentlessly on you. Your position is to escape the gravity and stand as a bridge between earth and sky as the great and beautiful beings you are meant to be.

But the gravity here causes you to forget. You think you are small. You forget how large you really are. The gravity pulls on you to a small stature. You were giants here. That was how it was meant to be. The experience has changed and now you are smaller. Find your own equilibrium to stand tall once more and save one another.

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2 Responses to Earth Speaks

  1. Dena says:

    Dear Goddess, that’s so powerful and beautiful and so well-written.

    Bless you, and thank you for sharing….

  2. matarikidimension says:

    Thank you for this post … I particularly like the first and last part

    `Do not scramble about in fear .. but take positive action.’ & `Stand tall once more’


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