We Do What We Can

swim meet

Image by jonfeinstein via Flickr

One afternoon, my friend Ruby called me in tears. After her noon swim class, the one for lots of little old ladies with arthritis, one of them took a fall in the locker. Helen bumped her head hard when she fell and could not move her fingers, toes or other parts. She could not get up and the EMTs were called. My friend cleared out because of the crowd.

Ruby called me from the parking lot and I worked to help her get herself together, back in her body and not shaking like a leaf. Then the two of us went to work on Helen, the injured lady.

It was a trip because I certainly go somewhere else when I’m working. I loose all thoughts of self and focus entirely on the subject. Of course I only think about this when I am done and back in my space. It feels different to not even be aware of self.

We worked on, at or under the cellular level to help them (the body parts) remember how it feels to work together. I remember after awhile there were colors involved. Blue and then green layered along the spine from head to tailbone and then down to the ankles, which I understood to be why she fell in the first place. Then, there was pink and orange swirling around the spine. Then there were rainbow sparkles. That made me so happy to see that I started chuckling.

Later in the afternoon I got the call. My friend went to the pool and asked about Helen.   Helen had laid there on the locker room floor for a good long time…  and then she got up.  She felt embarrassed and foolish, but she was okay.

We cannot prove that what we did in our deep and prayerful work actually did anything, but what if we had done nothing? I do believe that there are many possibilities of outcomes and if we helped shift things for Helen, that was a good thing.

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