Where Do We Go Now

Sinister In A State of Hope

Image by .Hessam via Flickr

I’m seeing it now. The UNRAVELING.

Someone pulled on the end of the string and then… everything just follows as the threads pull away to show… what? The structure we’ve built is too heavy. It cannot be supported any more and falls under its own weight.

The economies…  the false economies of the world are collapsing.  The cities we’ve built are too heavy, too complex and fall under their own weight. Our system of feeding ourselves, onerous to the environment. Our religious institutions that long ago served the best aspirations of humankind, now serve only to keep some in power and wealth. The same for our political systems.

I sit here thinking about what this means for all of us. What I’m pondering is whether this unraveling is a good thing or a bad thing. Where there is disaster and chaos, where there are challenges, there are also opportunities. And always, lessons to be learned.

Whether a government, a corporation, or an economic institution, there  is a point where the structure can grow too large and eventually becomes so corrupted that it deteriorates into death. We know that the larger any institution grows, the closer it comes to its own ultimate collapse and extinction. That is just a certainty. There is a beginning and an end to it all.

So now we are in a for a rough ride. We know that our lives will be bumpy for awhile. And this is what I really want to address. Are you ready?

If we make it so, there is good that can come of this. It is my hope that we will all again realize that people are more important than things. Look beyond that which is different and see the human being in front of you. We are truly all one family.

Having enough food and comfortable shelter is something most of us have long taken for granted. There are people who have never had this and more people likely to be pushed to the edge in the near future.

Look around as the days and months go by and see what you can do to help. Sometimes a tiny bit can mean so much. Just do what you can to make sure that no one suffers needlessly. If you could have helped and didn’t, that is to the detriment of us all. No matter what your situation, know that we are all in this together. What affects one, affects all. We need each other and we’ll need to share as we work this out. How we behave to one another will ultimately make a difference in how we grow out of this situation.

Start where you live. Begin with family, neighbors and friends. And then there’s this place.    Wishadoo! A place to ask for help; a place to offer help.

And always…     be as kind as you can.

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