In Other Words

Every day we get up in the morning, brush our teeth, put on clean underwear and walk out into our day. We interact with our environment at every turn. We move through our world energetically never thinking or even imagining how we are affecting the people around us – let alone the universe. Do you think about how your movement through space alters your reality? How it alters the reality of every other person on the planet? Every other thing from here to there?

Because you are made of the same stuff as everything else, the same building blocks, you are energetically bound to EVERYTHING else in the universe and as such, your movement through time and space has an affect on everything else. And most people walk through their day never even thinking about what they’re doing.

How many people ever consider what their words do to others.

angry words
sharp teeth and spears
opening wounds
revealing proudflesh scars
painful to touch

unspoken words
like stones
around my neck
dragging at me
keeping me from taking flight

familiar words
I long to hear
jewels to cherish
warm breath
that gives me life

Words have meaning. They have life. They are energetic, thoughts given form to move through time and space.

And words hurt more than most people EVER imagine.

Most of us know the lingering emotional pain caused by thoughtless words said in haste, anger or ignorance. But there’s more to it than that. Words are energetic thoughtforms that can cause actual, and very real injury and illness.

I can no longer count how many times I’ve removed the artifacts from people’s bodies. Often they look to me like spears, daggers, glass-like shards. I’ve located and removed these energetic products from pretty much every part of the body including backs, necks, knees and yes, hearts.

Sometimes there will be forms that look like ropes. And sometimes there have been dark blobs that look like someone just threw a sticky, globby, mess of goo.
And guess what, it’s not just words. Thoughts are also energetic forms.

After seeing some of these things, I’m working to become conscious of what I’m doing with my thoughts and words. And that’s the best I can do.

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