Your Own Words

Whether I’m helping someone open to better health or work on their relationships I always pay attention to the words they use in describing their issues.

Words have the power to hurt or heal. When we recognize how we are sabotaging our health and relationships by using words that are crippling, we can make different word choices. We can do much to help ourselves and change our lives by learning to make different choices in our language.

Begin by listening to how you talk about your life, health and relationships. Pay close attention to see how you may be sabotaging yourself with your OWN words.

When I discovered a movie called The Secret, about the Law of Attraction, I began to understand how we really do bring about what we think about. It’s a wonderfully empowering message. Once we realize it, we have much greater control of our lives.

I immediately realized how I had been undermining myself.

Some health issues had been plaguing me and I was telling myself and other people that I was, “sick and tired of being sick and tired.” The worse I felt, the more disgusted, angry and tired I was becoming. And the more I complained about being sick and tired, the more I was adding energy to a downward spiral.

On the spot I changed my thoughts to, “I am thankful that my thyroid and pituitary glands know exactly what to do to keep everything in good working order.”

In putting out that positive affirmation, I immediately felt better mentally and emotionally. Soon my physical condition was improving too. I was in charge of my life. The responsibility for my health was my own.

I’ve heard people say things like, “I just can’t stand it anymore.” So, what do you think that person’s feet, legs or hips are doing with that message? How about when someone says they have a broken heart? Do you suppose there’s something to that?

And when you talk about someone being a pain in the neck… Well, how does your neck feel about that? Perhaps actually communicating with that person would be a better idea than just taking on pain in your neck.

Being thankful for what you want, because it’s already here and being forgiving of yourself and others are powerful tools you can use to turn your life around.

So, take responsibility for how you talk about yourself. You’ll find the results nothing short of miraculous.

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2 Responses to Your Own Words

  1. Dena says:

    Excellent reminder!!! 🙂

  2. matarikidimension says:

    Interesting post.
    Louise Hay’s book – You can heal your life – is really good for seeing how words affect our bodies.
    I once had a painful and tense jaw and when I looked up this condition in Louise Hay’s book the affirmation for dealing with this starts with the words `I am willing to change ..’ When I said these opening words of the affirmation I felt my shoulder and jaw and the whole area begin to relax.
    You are right … how we think and the words we use greatly affect our health. We can hold on to resentments and all sorts of emotions which can make us ill and then we affirm this by using negative language. If we can realise this and then change the patterns of our thinking and our language we can heal our bodies and our lives.

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