Making Things Right

Only when we are working on healing within our own families and communicate/function in whole and healthy ways, can we expect healing and peace for the earth tribes. We can only start where we start — with ourselves. Ripple out from that. With love. In love. Be love. It’s a force of nature.

Forgiveness is the Divine gift. It allows us to take responsibility for our trespasses and to let go of wrongs we have suffered at the hand of another, by letting them take responsibility for their own actions.

Ho’oponopono is my spiritual practice. It is the Hawaiian process of making things right, with yourself, others, God.

As a daily meditation, here is the long form:

Think about any person with whom you do not feel alignment or total support.

Develop a clear picture of them and in your mind’s eye, construct a small stage and put that person on the stage.

Imagine an infinite source of love and healing flowing from a source above the top of your head (from your Higher Self), and open up the top of your head, and let the source of love and healing flow down inside your body, fill up the body, and overflow out your heart to heal up the person on the stage. Be sure it is all right for you to heal the person and that they accept the healing.

When the healing is complete, have a discussion with the person and forgive them, and have them forgive you.

Next, let go of the person, and see them floating away. As they do, cut the aka cord that connects the two of you (if appropriate). If you are healing in a current primary relationship, then assimilate the person inside you.

Do this with every person in your life with whom you are incomplete, or not aligned.

The final test is, can you see the person or think of them without feeling any negative emotions. If you do feel negative emotions when you do, then do the process again.

If I need to do a powerful healing for an issue between myself and another person, I do the long form for as many days as it takes. I work with it until I feel clean energy between us.

There is also a short form that I do throughout my day anytime I feel distress over a situation. This is great in the car if someone cuts you off or does something stupid and dangerous. Or for that person in your office who you know was gossiping about you. Or a thousand instances daily when you wronged another or they wronged you.

I love you
Thank you for the opportunity to make things right
Please forgive me
I forgive you

Feel the negative energy drain out when you say this prayer. It really discharges the emotion. In that brief prayer, that anyone can remember, you have connected to your source, expressed thankfulness for resolution, accepted responsibility for your part and allowed them to accept responsibility for theirs.

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