No One Expects A Buffalo

Many years ago, more than fifteen now, a buffalo appeared beside me in my hot tub. I felt its breathe and smelled the smell of it. It was eye to eye with me, which means I faced it from the side at eye level. I could have reached out just slightly and touched it, except I was so surprised at it having appeared there during my meditation.

Years before that, in my search of many paths, I’d explored Native American beliefs. I recognized the truth, beauty and power those beliefs held. At the time, many new age followers were embracing the Red Road and it became a fad.

It distressed me because it felt like something precious and sacred was being taken from a group of people who have had so much stolen from them. It was not something that I wanted to take part in. So, I went looking for my experience in other directions.

And then the the buffalo came to me. It came unbidden and was nothing I had been expecting. Who expects a buffalo… in the hot tub. And it brought me three gifts.

The first gift from Buffalo was full understanding of what the buffalo meant to the people. It was life. It was everything to the people who both hunted and revered this grand animal. This understanding was complete within me from head to toe. It was something I felt all the way down to the cellular level. Every part of my being was enlightened by the knowing. This was my experience.

Once I was aware of what Buffalo meant to the people, I BECAME the buffalo. My head was heavy. My vision was narrowed, but other senses were heightened. I could feel the weight of my head as I swung it slowly from side to side.

The second gift was my name. I now carry the name She Who Walks Strong and Steady. This is an honor beyond measure to carry that name. It has challenged me and supported me through some very difficult times including a divorce, which was one of the darkest times of my life.

The third, and final gift, was a vision given to me of a circle of people that did not end. It was so huge and complete that I could see no beginning nor end to the circle. With the image of the circle came the words, “earth tribes united”. What does it mean? I feel that sometimes I see a bit of the meaning now and then.

From the circle, we each stand in our own place. What we see is the same in some ways and different in other ways from the viewpoint of our neighbor. We are all looking at and experiencing the same thing; part of a whole and yet individuals with our own viewpoint.

Each person in the circle is on the same ground and of equal value. Imagine that. Each unique.

Think how much richer the whole is when we come together to share our viewpoints. We get a better picture of what is. Without any individual the picture is diminished and not as complete as with all individuals present and all tribes united.

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