Everything is before us

It was 2:27 am on February 5th, 2008. I’d not been able to sleep soundly that night even though my normal rising time of 4 am was coming soon. In the previous 30 minutes I had traveled far and been shown much understanding of this existence.

When I first laid down for the night I was contemplating the amazing journeys I’d been on in the last week. The gifts that I had been given still astound and amaze me and I continue to be thankful but to also wonder — why me. Am I deserving somehow of such fabulous wealth of spirit? Am I special? Did I do something to have earned such riches?

The answer that was given to me is no. I am no different than anyone else on this earth. I am no better, no worse. I am the same. We are one.

I gained a great deal of understanding about the nature of life that night.

Each of us is given all possibilities. Everything is before us. We are given everything to experience this life in any way we choose. It is given freely and is there for us if we are ready to be open. Are you ready?

But why is there pain and illness? Do we choose those? It is not simple, but sometimes the answer is yes. They are the experiences we choose. Much is hidden from us, but if we take the time to listen, we can learn much about why. It’s our mystery to solve.

The idea that we would choose pain and illness is a difficult one to wrap my brain around, let alone wrap some few words around something that is so big. But I’m willing to try to express this for your sake and mine because it is important as we continue to have this experience.

When we have a pain — or a painful experience, do we become that pain? Or do we recognize it for what it is? An experience of pain. If we allow ourselves to lower the vibration of who we are and become the pain then it is all too easy to get stuck there. If we remember we are something other than the pain or painful experience, it will be much easier to let that go. What did I learn from that? When you find what you need to move forward, you will let go of the injury or illness. Let it be a learning experience rather than a “stuck” experience.

My world had begun to change radically about two years before. I read something that moved me so deeply, that I cried out to All That Is, “I do not want to add any more pain to this existence”. It was a powerful experience and I put everything I had into that plea. With that, I began my journey of learning how to be responsible for my actions; to be conscious of what I was creating.

As that fervent prayer was immediately answered, I took action… I was moved to take action. My connections to All That Is began to change in dramatic ways. I had been feeling more and more helpless in the light of the continuing war in Iraq and other atrocities around the world. So I put up a website 8000 for peace. I wrote some of my story there. That website is now gone, but it served its purpose.

From that pebble thrown into the pond, The Beloved sent an answer from the other side of the world. A woman in Israel wrote to me of rockets being fired all around them. It was the 2006 war between Israel and Lebanon. She had found my 8000 for Peace website and explained that she and her daughter were holding fast to peace, right where they were. Friends and family did not understand her staying steadfast in her home with rockets coming in all around them.

She introduced me to Ho’oponopono. I knew that if Source had sent me a message like that, about something I’d never heard of, from so very far away, I should probably pay attention.

Ho’oponopono became a part of my experience. It has been life altering and I cherish the gift. Learning to take responsibility for what I create and to feel gratitude for every experience has opened everything to me.

A year later, I was introduced to Matrix Energetics. That showed me the possibilities that are always with me at every moment. Matrix brought me to a new place on my path. It brought me to a place of knowing, trust and wholeness. I am always connected to God. I have everything I need. That is the gift we are all given. I don’t have to have belief in anything outside of myself, for God is within.

Every one of us contains all possibilities. It just depends on what we tie ourselves to. Do we tie into the dominant paradigm that we are helpless? Do we tie ourselves to human constructions? Are we just pawns in the games of others? Well, if we choose to be, then it is so. That will be our experience.

Or will we throw out our golden lasso and pull down a shower of stardust and magic into our lives? If you choose that, then it will be so.

The pain passes, but beauty endures ~ Renoir

Understand that you and I are no different. We are a WE together. Only separate in choosing a different experience.

I understand that what I have had experience of in the last years is not because I deserve it, or won the prize, but that I opened to the possibilities that were with me all along.

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