When you trigger a pattern…

Yesterday, something I wrote triggered a pattern to run in my body. I let it run, feeling the discomfort in my heart. I let myself feel the discomfort because I was seeking information about the pattern.

It only took a few minutes for the information to come up. It was a societal pattern that told me we are separate from God. It told me that I was not worthy of God.

Once I had a clear picture of what this was, I looked behind the pattern to the life force behind it. This is a HUGE pattern. It runs through all humanity. And we’ve all had a part in its construction.

The next thing was to move it out of my body. Your intention works here, but you also want to make sure your body knows this too. Feel it move out of your body.

Now it’s time for taking back the chi I’ve added to that pattern. I am responsible for helping create and energize this pattern, so I am actively working on its deconstruction.

But I can’t take the chi back all at once. So I took a pinch of a pinch of a pinch and maybe even smaller than that. I can either swallow it in order to digest it, or I can put it directly into my body in the area where I will digest it.

Be careful not to take too much. I did manage to take a piece that was too big and I felt the lump of it sitting there. So, I started over and took the smallest bit I could imagine. This time I felt it as it began to be digested by my body. I had now fed myself some life force energy.

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One Response to When you trigger a pattern…

  1. I know this probably sounds quite odd, but it’s part of taking responsibility for what we’ve created and beginning to deconstruct the patterns that we’ve built.

    The Ho’oponopono prayer will do the same thing.

    First you recognize that the pattern is part of yourself without judging – I love you
    Setting your intention and lining yourself up in Unity – Thank you for this opportunity to make things right
    Taking responsibility for your part in building the pattern- Please forgive me
    Letting go of any responsibility that’s not yours – I forgive you

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