What am I doing? Where do I begin?

There has always been someone who lived at the edge of the village. That was the person the villagers went to when they needed help. That person knew things.

They lived at the edge of the village for a number of reasons. One being, the villagers were afraid of that person. They knew that old man or woman who lived way at the edge of town was different, not ordinary and maybe, even crazy.

Those healers knew things that the townspeople did not understand. Knowledge is power and that’s a fearsome thing. There was concern over the unpredictability of the person living at the edge of the village. Sometimes the villagers were jealous and outright fearful. But in time of need, they always went to the edge of town for help.

Another reason the healer lived on the outskirts was because they needed to have distance from the center of the village. They skirted convention. They let go of the societal structures so they could see the weakness in what had been built. They told the truth.

Sometimes the healer had let go of enough of society that their connection to this reality was slim at best. This could make it difficult to fit into societal roles of behavior.

If they were lucky enough to have someone teach them long held traditional medicines and healing ways, they had something of great value to offer the community. In quiet meditation, they also learned to connect with their own divinity for knowledge and wisdom. If they had to live steeped in the conventions of polite… or not so polite society, it would be difficult to hear their own higher truth.

So they lived on the fringe of society. They were shunned, unless needed. They were feared, because they held secret wisdom. And sometimes they were killed, because society can’t have anyone around that doesn’t fit in.

In the journey I undertake now, I can only hope to be brave enough, bold enough, strong enough to stand tall even when society at large does its best to knock me down?

Where am I today?

A voice inside of me called out, “who do you think you are?” Taunting me. Attempting to make me doubt. And in the sassiest, boldest voice I could muster I responded, “Well, I guess I’m about to find out.”

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