The search for Love and ultimate truth

We all have a natural thirst for Love. Some people stop with mother’s love or the love of a life partner or their family  and believe they’ve found IT.   I’m not denigrating those, but only going beyond those to look for that which is  more. Those kinds of love are perfect, until they are not. They are based in duality.

What we’re really seeking is Unity; the state of being at one with Source. If you wish to use the term God,  the Beloved,  Yaweh or whatever you choose, that’s  fine. We’re speaking of the same thing.

But the truth in our Creator, is that everything is a part of the Whole. There is no separation because all is One. And it is perfect. Our Source is absolute Love.

A good place to start to feel this love is in reading A Course In Miracles. That was one of the places I first began to really feel that immense Love.  This is uplifting material and could be a wonderful part of a meditation practice.

The more time you spend wrapped in Source Love, the more you know that no matter what you think, no matter what things look like to you, it’s all perfect. Everything unfolds in Divine Perfection.

This is what seekers of Enlightenment are working toward.  Traveling into higher and higher frequencies, they can eventually touch God. There are as many paths to Source as there have ever been humans. Each of us is a unique expression of God. No two the same. We travel this way as explorers on a grand adventure.

But first we must begin to have consciousness of who we are. We must wake to the part of us that is god.

Well, writing that just triggered a pattern to run in my body. I feel a sudden tightness in my heart chakra. Like I swallowed a lump and it’s choking me. It causes me to cough. I am having definite physical discomfort with this.

So here’s my work for the day. I know this was triggered by my thought of being part of god. Could I be carrying some pattern that society constructed to convince me that we are NOT god, not even a part of God? That we are separate and not worthy?

My work is to notice what I notice. More later.

Well, I’m already getting information so I’ll continue.

This is painful. It hurts my heart. Our heart is where we take things to look at the ultimate truth of them. So, the pattern that society has constructed that says we are seperate from god is not true. It cannot live in my heart without causing me pain and damage. If I continue to let that pattern run in that energy center (chakra) I will continue to have discomfort and can eventually have illness show up in my physical reality. One cannot have discordant energy run from a societal pattern without damaging the machinery, so to speak.

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